Camp Musings

Camp Musings


1. Does anyone actually own 14 pairs of shorts?

2. Three sets of sheets lasts six months at our house.

3. My children have never used a washcloth.

4. Why has no one invented a toothbrush with toothpaste inside?

5. I still have leftover stamped stationary from last year, so that’s a plus.

6. Three children going to camp means that their grandparents could have sent me to Europe and left kids at home with a babysitter.

7. I hope it’s not a problem that my seven year old already filled out the health form for camp day.

8. Why are the packing lists gender specific?

9. Is anyone else worried about a power outage with the 8,000 fans?

10. I am not labeling one iota of anything as sending stuff that I never want to see again.

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