By the Bay

By the Bay

By the bay, he studies the schools of fish skimming the surface.

By the bay, he peers over the edge and chortles at the manatee gulping greedily from the hose.

By the bay, he closes his eyes as the wind ruffles his hair and contentment washes over his very soul.

By the bay, he sways and remembers what it’s like to be free.

By the bay, he gazes into the sea and watches the pelicans dive below the surface.

By the bay, he stares into the abyss of blues, water and sky tangled up, melting together.

By the bay, he smiles into the rays of the sun that outline his figure dark against the light.

By the bay, he runs and stumbles and runs again, chasing the days that are growing longer in their moments.

By the bay, he plays a version of tag with his siblings, he darts and they envelope him in their own childish limbs.

By the bay, he wanders and basks in the freedom that has fallen into his young life on a beautiful spring day.

By the bay, joy is gleaned from the boy named Amos.

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