Berkeley Medical Center Statement

Berkeley Medical Center Statement

This morning, I received a call from the Head of Human Resources at Berkeley Medical Center. Former teacher Kristina Lester is no longer any employee of the medical center as a crisis counselor.

Kristina Lester was recorded possibly hitting and emotionally abusing children in her care at Berkeley Heights Elementary in Martinsburg, West Virginia on October 4, 2018.

While I am thankful she is no longer employed as a crisis counselor in Behavioral Health at Berkeley Medical Center, I made known details which had escaped the CEO and Human Resource Director. I shared that Kasey Murphy, mother of Owen who was abused by his teacher Kristina Lester, had been asked to resign from her position at Berkeley Medical Center in early December.

Kasey, who worked on the same floor as Ms. Lester, had shared her distaste for working in proximity of the teacher who subjected her child to horror and thus, was asked to leave. Her superior, for reasons unknown, is no longer employed at the hospital. Kasey resigned and Kristina Lester remained employed.

While I believe the man I spoke to this morning was truthful, I am horrified at the continued protection offered by Berkeley Medical Center, Berkeley County Schools and School Board, and Berkeley Heights Elementary of people who are macabre predators.

On Monday evening, parents will ask for the resignation of Principal Amber Boeckman and Superintendent Manny Arvon, the highest paid Superintendent in West Virginia. The fact that both administrators listened to children being tortured and chose to leave them in the care of their evildoers and keep the truth from their families is beyond forgiveness in the realm of education.

Join in me in sharing their story and supporting the families whose children were knowingly subjected to continued horror and their wish to ensure the safety of all children in Berkeley County.

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