Back to School

Back to School

In August, I felt a bit sad as my people readied themselves for the school year.
Today, I can’t push them out the door fast enough.

In August, people looked fairly presentable for photographs.
Today, I’m fairly sure that two of three have on the same clothes from yesterday.

In August, people were up and ready to go bright and early.
Today, my children are up in arms there wasn’t a weather delay. Yes, public school in Eastern NC means that wind, rain, and fog often give us an hour of reprieve.

In August, I made a special breakfast so that young minds would be ready to learn.
Today, I yelled at them to get in the kitchen in the next thirty seconds for nuked pancakes or just don’t eat.

In August, backpacks were washed and ready for new beginnings.
Today they are damp and filled with sticky ick from last month’s parties.

In August, the fridge was full of healthy snacks and makings for yummy lunches.
Today, I realized that toasting an English muffin hides evidence of new mold and no milk is actually healthy.

In August, I had gone to the grocery store and chopped apples and bagged pretzels.
Today, my husband proudly announced he went to the store last night and purchased bottled water, San Pellegrino, and dog food. Milk? No. Fruit? Nada.

In August, Amos and I had a serious schedule of therapy, play dates and outside time.
Today, we both squealed with delight when I successfully added the Disney junior app on the Apple TV. Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.

In August, I set off for morning walks.
Today, I feel overcome with relief that my tennis shoes were “accidentally” left in Key Biscayne.

In August, the world was my oyster.
Today, I check the weather every few minutes to check the snow forecast for Saturday as I sit drinking my coffee trying to motivate myself to open a can of tuna for the cat.

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