This Thing Called Weight

I was compensated by Med-IQ through an educational grant from Novo Nordisk Inc. to write about the realities of obesity as a chronic disease. All opinions are my own. I’m…

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The Truth About Epilepsy

I was compensated by Med-IQ in collaboration with Duke Health to write about the risks of uncontrolled epilepsy and surgical treatment for epilepsy. All opinions are my own. This post…

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The Same Old Superintendent

The Berkeley County School Board accepted Manny Arvon’s resignation and retirement after 45 years of “service.” He leaves with a pension of $14,250 per month and the ability to keep…

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Lawsuit of the Nonverbal Child


It’s the first one that’s been filed regarding the abuse that took place at Berkeley Heights Elementary in WVA. Truthfully, even though I’m married to an attorney, I’m not much…

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Title One School


You may not even know what that means. My four children attend a Title 1, public school. To qualify as a Title 1 School, at least 50% of your students…

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Special Olympics


Real life doesn’t abide by our rules. The Special Olympics was never on my bucket list. Perhaps as a volunteer, but not as mom. Last year, I was the mom…

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What Drives a Parent to Cheat?

Thirty-three parents have been arrested in the largest college admissions scandal on record. The ultra wealthy including CEOs, celebrities, business leaders were charged with college coaches and William Singer, founder…

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