Amos & The Sled

Amos & The Sled


My name is Amos.

I have a red sled.

My mom bought it when she was having her first baby, my big brother Thomas.

I had no idea sledding would be so fun.

I rode down a big hill with Thomas, Russell and Blair.

We fell off and I didn’t cry, I laughed.

Mommy said you could have knocked her over with a feather.

She was shocked.

I don’t know why.

I like new things.

It wasn’t that cold in my snowsuit.

My mittens were annoying, but I wore them anyways.

I like to eat snow.

Everyone was happy that I was happy.

They need to have a little faith.

I’m a big boy now.

And, I’m awesome.

She says I’m not quite ready to meet Mickey Mouse though.


Love, Amos

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