Amos the Rare

Amos the Rare


My name is Amos.

This is my sister.

She loves me and I love her.

That’s how it is with family.

Sometimes, family comes in ways you don’t expect.

Today, a little boy’s mom sent my mom an email.

Her boy is four, just like me, and from North Carolina.

We have the same special gene thing.

There are less than 50 of us in the whole wide world.

It’s called Med12.

It’s sounds so boring considering that I am so fun.

Finally, someone like me!

Thomas asked if we get to meet them.

My mom cried.

They’re happy tears, she told us.

I think that means yes.

I do love a road trip.

And having someone who gets me.

What a gift, Mom said.

Yep, I am that.

Oh, Amos, you’re silly, she said.

He he, I know.

Christmas came early at the Wood house.

Yah, Amos!

I always say that when I’m proud of me.



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