Amos & The Playground

Amos & The Playground

My name is Amos.

Today has been a busy day.

We opened presents and went to the beach and went swimming.

I even took a nap.

Tonight we went to the playground.

In case anyone is wondering, I adore the playground.

I practiced going across the drawbridge over and over again.

I had trouble, but I never gave up.

Amos is not a quitter, my mom said.

She made my brothers and sisters stop trying to help me.

He’s a big boy now, she reminded them.

She’s awfully proud of me.

Hooray, she said, when I did it.

I’m proud of me, too.

Now, if only I would wear my glasses, she said with a big sigh.

It’s been a good Christmas.

Love, Amos

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