Amos & The Haircut

Amos & The Haircut

My name is Amos.

I hate getting my haircut.

I mean, really hate it.

My mom says it makes her very tired.

She took me for one today at Shear Pleasure.

I wore my pajamas and she took off her coat because she said she gets sweaty while trying to hold me still.

Well, guess what?

I sat by myself today in the booster seat.

My mom was so excited.

I wasn’t exactly good, but she said I was much better.

Sheila, my haircut giving friend, doesn’t mind if I yell though.

My mom says she is very nice.

I hate getting my haircut, but I don’t hate Sheila.

My mom says I sure am fooling everyone.

He he.

Love, Amos

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