Amos & The Fear

Amos & The Fear

My name is Amos.

Did you know I fear very little?

I used to be terrified of school buses.

My mom and I would wait for my brothers and sister and as it came near, she said I would tremble and clutch her her shirt.

I ride a school bus now and it’s not scary one bit.

Nothing else scares me that I know of.

My mom says it’s a little bit of a problem.

Today I ran around at the yacht club and she was terrified I would fall in the dark water.

I get so tickled at her being scared and adore being chased.

Doesn’t she know that I know she will always catch me if I fall?

Fear is silly.

I’m teaching my mom all about that.

She doesn’t know everything after all.

I’m a good teacher, she says.

Love, Amos

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