Amos & The Christmas Program

Amos & The Christmas Program

My name is Amos.

I was in a program at my school on Friday.

My class was singing Jingle Bells.

I have been practicing for weeks.

I can’t sing but I have been humming it a lot lately and my mom loves to hear me and then she sings it.

My mom came to my program.

She picked up my sister and two brothers early so they could come too.

They sat on the front row.

They sang and waved and clapped.

My teacher held me in her arms so they could see me.

I didn’t sing but I didn’t cry and I even shook my jingle bells.

My mom pretended that she wasn’t crying.

I think they were happy tears.

I am so happy.

I feel so loved.

I wonder what they did before me.

My mom says I have made our family so very wonderful.

I can tell she means it.

I love my family.

Love, Amos

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