Amos & The Big Bad Wolf

Amos & The Big Bad Wolf

Dear Blue Cross Blue Shield,

My name is Amos and I am three years old.

I live in Edenton, North Carolina.

Do you know where that is?

Do you know who I am?

I am thinking you remember my mom.

She is the one that called you all summer.

I had to watch tv with my brothers and sister while we waited for her to talk to you.

Sometimes she would cry.

I’ve never seen her get that mad.

She said that she is trying to be a good mama bear.

I just wanted to go to the pool.

You know what though?

She made you give me my talker even though you told her NO.

Three letters too. NO NO NO.

That didn’t stop my mama bear.

You know what else?

I used it to tell my teacher that I wanted to go outside today.

You should say you’re sorry.

I love my talker and I love my mama bear even more.

I hope you hear my story.

Maybe you will make better choices next year.

My mom says being kind is most important.

Love, Amos

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