Amos & Bad Airplane Trip

Amos & Bad Airplane Trip

My name is Amos.

This is me on the airplane.

This is me before the internet vanished.

My mother said my terrible behavior rendered her speechless.

Not me, I was full of words, I told her OUT and NO, maybe one million times?

She did point out that we were thousands of feet up in the air.

That was her problem.

I am airplaned out.

Anyways, she said that we all survived and that’s what matters.

Thomas said being on the plane with me was like death.

That’s a little bit dramatic.

I did see a baby with earplugs though.

I mean, really.

Anyways, I love Key Biscayne.

Maybe we’ll drive home.

Maybe if you share my mom’s blog, she will quit glaring at me.



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