A Letter to the Teachers

A Letter to the Teachers


You can smell your freedom and I’m in a total panic.

Not even two whole days left and I ponder my life.

I mean, why did I have children in the first place?

Will you be okay if I send in a crumpled $20 bill?

I mean, I know it’s tacky as Hell, but I’m just not creative.

You know that I think you’re worth at least a mortgage payment, don’t you?

I don’t how you do it and go ahead and laugh at me, but I used to be one of those who wistfully longed for a “teacher schedule.”

Hahahahaha, I know now.

I watch y’all haulin’ ass into school most mornings, leaving just as I am packing lunches.

You stay late too and it gets dark so early right now that I bet you feel like some sort of crazed vampire.

I am in awe.

Because I adore you, I will not complain about my kids getting out of school.

Nope, I will only say thank you.

A million times over, thank you, thank you for loving and hugging and being the friendly smile that greets my little people each morning.

Two days. You’re my heroes.


Mothers Everywhere

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